Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DOXSL Shout out

I recently found a post by a former client of mine, James Sulak who had some very positive feedback for my open source project, DOXSL. Check out his post. Thanks for the shout out, James!

On that front, I have been working on a new release. There are a few bugs I've discovered when I started processing some DITA stylesheets, particularly when trying to look for overrides using DITA's matching patterns (e.g., *[contains(@class,'- topic-type/element-name ')] - things got borked with speicializations when the class tokens contain the "parent" token.

There's still the other things on my roadmap to work on:
  • DocBook output (I have some designs in mind, specifically around modularity)
  • The Comment Stub Generator: this is a high priority for me
  • Comment Collector: This is similar to what .NET does when it compiles code documentation into a single XML file. The intent is to make the XSLT less "noisy"
  • There are additional validation ideas that Ken Holman suggested that I'd like to build in.

Progress is slow, given that my day job still takes precedence. Stay tuned.

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