Monday, February 5, 2007

DITA West 2007: Day 1

It was finally nice to put faces to names I've worked with, in addition to meeting some new folks. So far it looks like the conference has about 80 or so attendees. It could be a result of the Super Bowl that the attendance was a little low. Hopefully more will show up tomorrow. Unfortunately, Michael Priestly and Don Day aren't here. Was looking forward to talking with him more about the Interoperability Framework.

Lou Iuppa from XyEnterprises gave the opening Keynote. Essentially the thesis was that DITA would benefit by the use of a CMS

Looks like the majority of the attendees are Technical Writers either new to DITA, or in the process of implementing a DITA solution in their organization. Definitely hoping to see some more technical presos, though Yas Etessam's presentation on "Enabling Specializations in XMetaL Author" was very interesting.

A fair number of vendors booths in the hallway outside the conference rooms, including one from Flatirons Solutions. Just Systems, PTC, MarkLogic were among some.

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